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Learn About Veterinary Specialty Medicine and About Your Pet's or Animal's Health

Access our extensive animal health disease and procedure library. Once you have identified what specialist you may need. You can learn about each specialty and how to talk to your vet about a referral. You will also learn what to expect at a specialty visit. Once you have identified what specialist you may need, search for a specialist near you.

Search for Veterinary Specialists Near You

Use our advanced search tools to find veterinary specialists by specialty or location across the globe. After searching for veterinary specialists, compare details from their listings. It's easy to search and find the veterinary specialists that you need. 

Contact Veterinary Specialist

You can contact veterinary specialists directly, but you are strongly encouraged to print out the listings to provide to your primary care veterinarian. Including your primary veterinarian in all decisions about your animal’s health helps to ensure that all necessary information is shared. Learn more about the triad of care for your animal.